25 years of experience in management and statistical analysis of data in order to help you taking the right decision, accelerating the development of your products or services, and summarizing a huge amount of information, and this in permanent dialog with you throughout the whole process.

Setup of studies

  • Study design
  • Examination of scientific literature
  • Review of study protocol and writing of the statistical part
  • Computing the number of persons (or of observation units) to be foreseen in the study
  • Composition of questionnaire

Data management

  • Writing of data management plan
  • Building of database
  • Entry of collected information
  • Data validation

Statistical analysis

  • Writing of analysis plan
  • Analysis of data by means of the most appropriate methods
  • Statistical programming

Presentation of results

  • Writing of report
  • Writing and submission of publication, as well as answer to reviewer comments
  • Oral communication of results

Fields of expertise

  • Clinical and epidemiological studies
  • Vaccines
  • Public health, biology and agro-industry
  • Energy, transport and logistics
  • Bank and insurance

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